Growtainer® - The Portable Production Facility of the Future

The Portable Production Facility of the Future

About Growtainers®

A Growtainers® container (patent pending) is a custom-designed and highly engineered stackable, mobile, and fully customizable vertical production environment: a fully insulated shipping container that has been specifically modified to provide the optimum controlled vertical environment for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in any environment and climate. The results are a significantly higher yield in a shorter time than all conventional production methods.

Growtainers® Features


Customizable! Crop-specific! Multi-level production!

Optimized & Efficient

CEA-based, fast ROI

Plug & Play

Fully equipped, ready to grow!

Modular, Mobile & Stackable

For research or production.

Local Production for Local Consumption

Grow almost anything, almost anywhere!

Case Studies

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    Exploring Innovation: A Case Study on Custom Growtainer®

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  • Growtainer® Central Market Case Study

    Innovative Urban Farming Initiative: The Central Market Case Study

    Our Central Market case study takes a close look at our successful collaboration. In 2016, the Growtainer team at the…

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