About Us

Growtainers® are at the forefront of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) innovation, offering state-of-the-art Growtainer® containers that transform traditional farming into a modern, sustainable practice. These custom-engineered, mobile vertical production environments repurpose fully insulated shipping containers into optimal growing spaces for a broad spectrum of horticultural and agricultural applications. Each Growtainer® is a testament to efficiency and scalability, designed to maximize space through stackability and support diverse crop types and business strategies.

Central to the Growtainers® concept is the strategic partnership with CEA Advisors, a collaboration that ensures each container is optimized for peak performance in controlled environment agriculture. This relationship allows Growtainers.com to stay at the cutting edge of agricultural technology and practices, ensuring that every Growtainer® is equipped with the latest advancements in growrack systems, LED lighting, and engineered hydroponics.

Moreover, Growtainers.com works closely with Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE), leveraging their expertise to incorporate cutting-edge growing systems and equipment into each Growtainer®. This synergy ensures that the containers are not just functional but are also at the forefront of efficiency and productivity in high-density farming.

Designed for versatility, Growtainers® are suitable for all environments and climates, providing a mobile solution to bring fresh produce closer to consumers. This innovative approach not only enhances food security but also contributes to a more sustainable agricultural model, responding to the increasing demand for fresh, locally sourced produce in urban and remote areas alike. Through these strategic partnerships and a commitment to technological innovation, Growtainers.com is redefining the possibilities of modern agriculture.