Growracks™: The Most Advanced Vertical Grow Rack Platform Available Today!

The Growrack™is a versatile, self-contained aluminum vertical grow rack designed for vertical farming, adaptable to various crop heights. Available with optional lights and irrigation, it features an upcoming energy-efficient air system. Easy to assemble, it measures 24”x63”, extends up to 8’, and includes pre-drilled holes, heavy-duty casters, and durable, UV-resistant ABS plastic trays with drainage. Manufactured in the United States by Innovative Growers Equipment.

Sold globally, Growracks™ support a range of applications from the Growtainer™ to restaurants, food services, and educational settings, promoting sustainability and fresh produce cultivation. Ideal for seed breeders, researchers, and hobbyists, they offer an affordable entry into indoor vertical farming. For purchase or more information, visit Innovative Growers Equipment.

Growtainer vertical grow rack platforms for vertical container farming.