Micro Greens + Growtainers® = Profitable Vertical Farming

CEA Advisors & Growtainers® are excited to unveil our specialized 20-foot, fully optimized multi-layer grow container based Microgreen Production Factory. Leveraging over 40 years of horticultural expertise and extensive research in container farming since 2010, our team has developed cutting-edge solutions, including 40-foot, 45-foot, and food safety approved 53-foot Microgreen Growtainers®. These innovative units are serving a diverse clientele, from supermarket chains and research institutions to pharmaceutical companies, educational establishments, and individual growers across the globe.

“In the past, we were cautious about entering the container farming market, often portrayed with much fanfare on social media, due to concerns over exaggerated claims regarding yields and profitability. The idea of generating a mere 50-100 lbs of lettuce weekly from a competitor’s $150,000 container did not seem like a viable or wise investment,” stated Glenn Behrman, President of CEA Advisors.

However, after dedicating over two years to meticulous research, engaging with industry experts, and perfecting our system specifically for microgreens cultivation, we’re proud to present our groundbreaking design. “We have transitioned from design to production, ready to revolutionize microgreens farming,” Behrman added.

Microgreen Grow Container

Our specially designed Market Ready 20-foot insulated Microgreens Growtainers® feature a 6-foot utility space and a 14-foot climate-controlled growing area, equipped with 240 linear feet of 5 level Ebb & Flood Tables or NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) channels tailored for microgreens. Coupled with our exclusive irrigation system, including advanced water monitoring and dosing technology and high-efficiency, crop-specific LED lights, our system ensures a maximum yield in minimal time.

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